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Note that any content written in JAVA has degraded over the years.
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reduce 2007
Text Squeezer

misspell 2007

riflemaker 2007
Maeda: MySpace.

fondation_cartier 2005
John Maeda: Nature.

imda 1997
Tangram typeface.

sony3 1998
Sony Online 3rd anniversary.

jeans 1997
Jeans pattern generator.

cyberpoinsettia 1997
Winter flower greetings.

cyberasagao 1997
Create a spring card.

cyberorchid 1996
Grow an orchid design.

rapid_roulette 1998
Spin round-n-round.

number_racer 1998
Drive through a minute.

chasing_sakura 1998
Catch the flower petals.

do_re_mi-chi 1998
Horizontally careful maze.

orbit_calendar 1997
Numbers in orbit.

line_calendar 1997
Zoom through time.

flora_calendar 1997
Dance with a flower.

hanabi_calendar 1997
Typographic fireworks.

umiaki_calendar 1997
Fall meets the sea.

snow_calendar 1997
Snowflake round and round.

animemo 1993
Simple animation tool.

linear_way 2005
Linear Way debuts in London Jan 2005.

morigolf 2001
Multiplayer game of kanji-golf.

moriwater 2001
Bobbing pond of letters.

design_by_numbers 1999
Programming for visual folks.

maedamedia 2001
480-page retrospective. 1999
The world's longest line.

robot_draw 2003
Robot doing work for me.

realm 1998
Paper promotional piece.

reactive_books 2004
The origins of reactive graphics.

chadants 2004
Chads remind me of ants.

samsung 2004
Online Samsung Brand Showcase.

moritree 2001
Tree of letters and letters.

time_graphics 1995
Early essay on time graphics.

reactive_graphics 1995
Early essay on reactive graphics.

metadesigning 1995
Early essay on meta-designing.


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