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old-fashioned books from 2011 and way back to 2000 …





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negative 2016
Negative Beta

reebok 2008

human 2007
Human 2.0

riflemaker 2007
Maeda: MySpace.

postage 2007
USA postage finder.

darfur 2006
Darfur genocide.

xmas 2005
Desktop patterns version 3.

cartier_card 2005
Cartier e-Card.

shis30 1995
Shiseido 30th anniversary.

moneycounter 2005
Compare tax dollars spent.

peoplecounter 2005
Visualize a number of people.

design_by_numbers 1999
Programming for visual folks.

maedamedia 2001
480-page retrospective.

golfball 2005
Typeface in a compact metal ball.

math_butterflies 1998
Flying numerical creatures. 1999
The world's longest line.

asiatsunami 2005
Lithograph sale for Asian relief.

clog_unclogged 2005
Coding log gets simplified.

creative_code 2004
Book on digital art and design.

robot_draw 2003
Robot doing work for me.

realm 1998
Paper promotional piece.

technology 2002
Technology/Ecology image.

issey 2004
Issey Miyake-inspired illustrations.

cartier 2004
Artwork on hands for Cartier.

kami_to_computer 1996
Print and computer exhibition.

ucla 2004
Cover for a warm spring term.

desktop2 2004
Desktop patterns version 2.

desktop1 2004
Desktop patterns for your pleasure.

science_and_art 2003
The arts are the science of enjoying life.

ikko_tanaka 2002
Ikko Tanaka essay.


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