Selected works by John Maeda / Updated December 29, 2013.

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Announcement 12/29/2013

Am now thinking out loud about how design, tech, and venture intersect AT DESIGNANDVENTURE.ORG. In addition, I've left the presidency of RISD to become Design Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and to chair the eBay Design Advisory Board.

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Note that any content written in JAVA has degraded over the years.
If you are running on an Apple Macintosh, you are best off running the Safari browser.

imda 1997
Tangram typeface.

orbit_calendar 1997
Numbers in orbit.

line_calendar 1997
Zoom through time.

hanabi_calendar 1997
Typographic fireworks.

umiaki_calendar 1997
Fall meets the sea.

snow_calendar 1997
Snowflake round and round.

morigolf 2001
Multiplayer game of kanji-golf.

moriwater 2001
Bobbing pond of letters.

maedamedia 2001
480-page retrospective.

golfball 2005
Typeface in a compact metal ball.

math_butterflies 1998
Flying numerical creatures.

realm 1998
Paper promotional piece.

reactive_books 2004
The origins of reactive graphics.

timestable 2005
Times table drill sheets.

kami_to_computer 1996
Print and computer exhibition.

moritree 2001
Tree of letters and letters.

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